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See you soon! LC x

Arrange a date with an elite London companion.

New suitors are required to provide some additional information. Rest assured that all details provided are viewed discreetly and discarded of after our date. Our date together of course involves an element of mutual trust, this'll make for a much more fun and comfortable experience for us both!

1.   Your full legal name.

2.  A clear photograph of your ID.

3.  30% deposit sent from a bank account registered under the name shown on the ID provided. For FMTY dates, a deposit of 40% is required. I also accept deposits via paypal in the instance you do not hold a UK bank account, details of this payment option will be sent in my first email to you. Please do not feel inclined to send more than 30%, as kind as it is!

Deposits are non-refundable, in any circumstance, unless I have to cancel the meeting. This is to ensure that I am not out of pocket should you cancel, and covers the fees that are incurred when holding a space in my diary free for you.

Please refrain from sending me an enquiry if you are not prepared to fully screen, no exceptions are made for any sum of money.  


If you need to reschedule once, the deposit can be transferred to a new date within six weeks from when the original date was scheduled. Upon the second rescheduling past the six week timeframe, a new deposit will have to be paid. Deposits do not last indefinitely.


Arrange a date with an elite London companion.

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