Get to know me a little better...I promise, I don't bite.

Why is your minimum booking time two hours?
My minimum booking time is two hours - this is because I don’t much like a simple pump & dump; I like to get to know my clients, learn about their lives, build chemistry and establish rapport. This makes for any applicable intimacy that may happen to occur between two consenting adults to be far more special, and means that all my clients rebook.

Do you see couples?
Absolutely! I adore seeing couples and will do for a small additional fee which may be discussed vis our email correspondence.
Do you accept gifts?
My, what lady doesn't love a gift! I have a wishlist with Gift Hero that I may share with you on request. Gifts are never expected, of course. That being said, I adore gift cards for Studio Pia lingerie, afternoon tea gift cards at Fortnum & Mason, Oliver Bonas gift cards & beautiful hardcover books. 
Do you drink alcohol on dates?
I do love a tipple and would be delighted to drink with you, my favourite all time cocktail being a bloody mary. As polarising as they may be, they've completely stolen my heart!
Do you offer [insert service here]?
Look, we're both adults and we know what a date with an escort entails. However, I prefer to offer an authentic experience wherein we have mutual respect for one another. I don't much appreciate our time together to be a mere checklist for you and for that reason I will ignore crude and suggestive enquiries. Speak to me with respect and I will do the same for you - this will make for a far more pleasant experience.
What are your favourite places to eat?
A tricky one for sure, London is full of exquisite eateries. I love Japanese, Korean, and Thai - but I also adore Italian and upscale gastropubs. Restaurants that I particularly enjoy are Eat Tokyo, Ceviche, Hoppers, Roka, Seabird, Kiln, Jolene, The Smoking Goat, Kricket, Sticks 'n' Sushi, Tozi, Clos Maggiore & Brasserie Zedel. One thing to note is that I don't eat meat, so a steakhouse for a first date probably isn't a good idea!
What type of clients do you like best?
I will never discriminate or refuse to see a client based on ethnic background, gender identity, or disability. I only ask that my clients are polite and practice good hygiene.
Can you accompany me to an event as my date?
I'd love to be your companion! Do you have an upcoming wedding, conference, or just a party that you'd like to bring a date along to? I'm your woman - although please note that standard rates will apply.
Can I barter your rates?
You may not, and anybody who does will be immediately blocked and blocklisted. I do not tolerate disrespect.
Can I record our private encounter for personal use?
Although I am an adult performer -working with the top production companies in the world - I regret to say that you may not record our date together. If you do, the date will be terminated immediately and you will be blacklisted.
Can I pay premium for [insert service that I don't offer here]
If I have already communicated with you that I don't offer a certain service and you continue to persuade me under the guise of a higher rate, you will be immediately blocked and blacklisted.
Can I request that you wear a specific outfit or groom a certain way?
Outfit, lingerie, and even make up requests are always welcome. I always keep a trimmed fiery bush down below and an abundance (although fair) of armpit hair that I prefer not to remove for the vast majority of dates
Why would you cancel a date?

In the extremely unlikely event that I do cancel a date with you, it'll be because I've picked up multiple red flags and feel unsafe. These are included but not limited to; boundary pushing, requesting services I don't offer, or simply not taking the time to read my website and familiarise yourself with my business. In these events, deposits will be refunded to you via your method of choice within three working days.