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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know me a little better... 

Do you have a menu?

I'm not a restaurant, so no. All jokes aside, if you are looking for our time together to be a frantic checklist, rather than say, an authentic experience wherein we romance one another, then I am not the provider you're looking for.

Are you real?
If you find yourself questioning my validity, it may be helpful to know that I haven't designed an entire website myself just for shits & giggles. Please take a look at my instagram (leninacrownex) where I post candid and unedited selfies on my story almost daily, countless videos of me talking, and just generic shitposting. My twitter (requiemlenina) may be useful for you to look at too. No fake account discusses Dune that much with their entire face out. Use your common sense, please!

Do you drink alcohol on dates?
I do love a tipple and would be delighted to drink with you. Cocktail wise, I love palomas with mezcal (I adore Vida mezcal), bloody mary's, dirty martinis, and anything umami. Champagne wise, I like Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, and Krug.  

 What are your favourite places to eat?
See my 'date ideas' page for this one!

Do you see couples?

Absolutely! I adore seeing couples. Please add an aditional £200 per hour.

Do you accept gifts?

Of course. My favourite flowers are peonies and roses, my favourite chocolates are Pierre Marcolini pralines, and my favourite perfume is Gucci flora. Gift card wise, I'd appreciate anything for Fortnum & Mason, Posie Lingerie, or a pair of black Jimmy Choo Aurelies...

What type of clients do you like best?

I will never discriminate or refuse to see a client based on ethnic background, gender identity, or disability. I only ask that my clients are polite, respectful towards me, and practice good hygiene.


Can you accompany me to an event as my date?
I'd love to be your companion! Do you have an upcoming wedding, conference, or just a party that you'd like to bring a date along to? I'm your woman - although please note that standard rates will apply.


Can I record our private encounter for personal use?


Can I pay premium for [insert service that I don't offer here]?


Can you shave your pubic/body hair, or fashion it a certain way for me?

Yes, for £1,000.


Why would you cancel a date?
In the extremely unlikely event that I do cancel a date with you, it'll be because I've picked up multiple red flags and feel unsafe. These are included but not limited to; boundary pushing, requesting services I don't offer, or simply not taking the time to read my website and familiarise yourself with my business. In these events, deposits will be refunded to you via your method of choice within three working days.

Can you do a video call verification?

If after viewing my website, social media presence, and multiple ads, you still doubt my validity, I will on request carry out a video call verification over FaceTime/WhatsApp with you. This costs £150 (to be paid via any payment method outlined on my Investment page) and will irritate me tremendously.

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