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5ft 10 / 178cm

Natural ginger hair

Enhanced 32F breasts

25 inch waist

38 inch hip

Piercings: ears

Tattoos: medieval sword centre back, Caravaggio's Medusa back of neck, Venus bust on upper arm

Favourite food: Korean - specifically tteok-bokki, japchae, and Korean fried chicken

Favourite colour: forest green

Favourite movie: Scarface, Black Swan, The Castle of Cagliostro, Ex-Machina, Revenge of The Sith, the Alien franchise (to name a few)

Favourite holiday destination: Venice (so far!) 

Favourite perfume: Gucci Flora


I'm a huge lover of art and history, and you'll never find me happier at an exhibition or with my nose in a book. I am forever engrossed by ancient Egypt, wars in the Middle East & Eastern Asia, and the history of Western imperialism.


Aside from art and history, I'm also a sci-fi and video game lore enthusiast, with Fallout, Bioshock, and Disco Elysium being my absolute favourite games of all time. I adore robots and dystopias. Ex-Machina, The Animatrix, the Alien franchise, Dune, and the Star Wars franchise are just a few examples of my favourite pieces of sci-fi fiction.

On the less nerdy end of the spectrum, I love the opera, ballet, classical music, and collecting religious antiques.

If you've followed me on my social media, you'll know fully well that despite my classy marketing, I have an outrageously wicked sense of humour, an obnoxiously filthy laugh, and an almost dangerously down to earth personality. I don't and have never taken myself too seriously, and can guarantee that we'll be laughing the night away together.

See my 'date ideas' page for a comprehensive list to get you inspired for our time together.

About Me


Statuesque, beautiful, and a natural redhead

with long flaming hair: a truly elite London companion.

The first - and most important - thing that you should know about me is that I am utterly obsessed with the pursuit of carnal pleasures. I believe life is about giving in, and succumbing to your deepest and darkest desires - whatever they may be. What else would life be, otherwise? For why should you deny oneself, when life is so fleeting?


Now that we've got that out the way, you should know that I am a twenty-something woman, blessed to be born and raised in the bustling city of London. The bright lights of the city - buzzing with energy and excitement as people mingle in gorgeous bars and restaurants - never seem to bore me.


Don't get me wrong, however, I also adore a cosy night in, snuggling up, sipping a homemade cocktail, and listening to the inevitable and ever changing British weather outside.

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